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Opposites Attract: How Real Estate and Interior Design Blend Together

Interior design and real estate might seem like total opposites, but they’re really two different chapters from the same book. Like complementary hues on the color wheel, these two function together to create something new—and I’m excited to be a part of that.

Influencing the Feeling In Your Home

I see it every day. When clients finally land on their perfect home, they fill its empty rooms with visions and aspirations for a well-designed life inside it. But once you move in and get settled, you might find that some areas just aren't working the way you had hoped. Or you haven’t figured out how to decorate them as well as they looked in your mind (or on Pinterest). 

Sometimes your lifestyle changes and the functions of different rooms no longer serve your life the way they used to. Suddenly, that space starts to feel uncomfortable, right?

Now hang on. Just because a space doesn’t look or feel the way you want doesn’t mean it’s “bad.” It just needs a little work to get the effect you actually want. 

Rearranging the furniture, changing the color scheme, or putting in new lighting fixtures can have drastic results in how a room feels and functions. Knowing what to change and how to change it's often where people get hung up… and that’s where I come in.

Interior Design And Real Estate—A Balancing Act

My secret to bringing real estate and interior design together is balance

  • As a real estate agent, I work to help you find your perfect home. We look at your budget, style, and needs and find a house that fits your lifestyle. 

  • As an interior decorator, I work to make your home function for you. This might function through how it looks and feels, or it could function in its layout and use.

Through the process of helping you find the home you want, I learn so much about my clients and what you are looking for in your home. I learn your likes and dislikes, what you want for your home, and how you plan to use each space. Using all of this information, I can create a plan to design the different rooms in your house and get the most out of each square foot. 

Interior design is what helps make your dream house into your dream home. 

Beauty and Function Shouldn’t Be Exclusive in Your Home

Your new house is an empty shell. And once we pick the perfect shell, we’ll work together to make it function the way you want. In the end, it should feel like home to you.

By combining real estate and interior design principles, I’m here to help you have a stunning home that creates a sense of peace from its functionality. In fact, I believe that when your home feels beautiful to you, you function better. Whether we’ve worked together to find you a home or not, I can fit your home to your dreams.


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