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My Favorite Travel Finds: How Your Home Can Tell Your Story

One of my biggest goals in decorating someone’s home is that the finish space should tell the client’s story. I always ask if they have any favorite items from their travels, hometown or family. Including these pieces into their space reflects their personality. It’s like sprinkling treasures that add character to a home. And of course, I also do it in mine; these are a few of my favorites. 

Antique Decor From My Trips

I purchased this antique candle holder at a street fair in Rome. Every time I look at it, I’m transported back to that incredible city. Between the delicate seashell shape and the old patina, it reminds me of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus.” It’s incredible to me how with these simple touches, I can infuse centuries’ worth of culture in my living room. 

This brass bowl came from Israel originally, but I purchased it from a street market in New York City. The tri-toned color palette is so warm and stately. And I am completely obsessed with the unique texture inside. People underestimate the power of texture in design—pulling in pieces with texture creates this sense of depth in the room. 

Travel Finds from My Parents

I didn’t actually buy this vase myself. It came from my mom, and I begged her to give it to me. She picked it up from Egypt. I’ve always been intrigued by the hieroglyphs on the outside. To me, it’s just like keeping a coffee table book on display—it tells a very real story. And I am thrilled at the idea of filling my home with stories through design. I really appreciate the look of the mixed metals, too. 

This solid wood bust came from my family home, too. It’s held up beautifully for being 45 years old. My parents picked it up in Brazil before I was even born, so she’s practically a part of the family. Even as a little girl, I remember looking into her expressive eyes and connecting with her. And now, it’s like she’s watching over me when I sit down for my morning coffee. 

A Piece of My Hometown 

No home decor is complete without artwork. And I’m a huge fan of supporting local artists. While I found this original oil painting from an artist in Hill Country, it reminds me so much of Argentina. Seeing the vibrant greens on my wall makes me feel like I’m walking down that same dirt path towards my family’s ranch.  

Now, I like to keep this watercolor in my home office. It’s so soothing, which is exactly the vibe I need in there. I found it at a street fair in La Boca, and it depicts a scene from Buenos Aires, my hometown. When I look at it, it transports me to the streets of my childhood.

Tell me about your favorite travel finds! What are some pieces you love, and where did you get them from? Oh, and I want to know how it inspires your home design.


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